The Big Conversation is a unique video series from Unbelievable?, the flagship apologetics and theology discussion show on Premier Christian Radio in the UK.

Each season consists of 6 special shows featuring video conversations between leading religious and non-religious voices, exploring science, faith, philosophy and what it means to be human. 

Season 1

Season 2

1. The Psychology of Belief: Do we need God to make sense of life?
Jordan B Peterson & Susan Blackmore

2. The future of humanity: Have science, reason and humanism replaced faith?

Steven Pinker & Nick Spencer

3. The search for happiness: Can we have meaning without God?

Derren Brown & Rev Richard Coles

4. Science, faith and the evidence for God (live event recording)

John Lennox & Michael Ruse

5. Mind, consciousness and freewill: Are we more than matter?

Daniel Dennett & Keith Ward

6. Evolution, morality and being human: Do we need God to be good?

Peter Singer & Andy Bannister

1. Religion: Useful fiction or ultimate truth?

Alister McGrath & Bret Weinstein

2. The Universe: Where did it come from and why are we part of it?

Sir Roger Penrose & William Lane Craig

3. The story of Jesus: Can we trust the historical reliability of the Gospels?

Peter J Williams & Bart Ehrman

4. Is God Dead? A conversation on faith, culture and the modern world

Dave Rubin & John Lennox

5. History: Did Christianity give us our human values?

Tom Holland & AC Grayling

6. Morality: Can atheism deliver a better world?

Matt Dillahunty and Glen Scrivener


Unbelievable? broadcasts every Saturday 2:30pm on Premier Christian Radio. The show brings Christians and non-Christians together for dialogue and is popular around the world as a podcast. 

Show host Justin Brierley is Theology and Apologetics Editor at Premier Christian Radio and the author of the book Unbelievable? Why, after ten years of talking with atheists, I’m still a Christian published by SPCK.



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