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Matt Dillahunty and Glen Scrivener

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New Atheism and the internet have fuelled the rise of many secular, humanist and atheist organisations in the 21st Century. Many atheists claim religion has had a negative impact on society. Can secular morality provide a better foundation for society than Christianity? As people search for meaning in an increasingly post-Christian West, can atheism deliver the grounding needed for living a truly moral life?


Matt Dillahunty is a well-known voice in the world of atheist activism. He hosts The Atheist Experience call in show, and leads the Atheist Community of Austin. He argues that secular humanism is a better foundation for morality than religion.


Glen Scrivener is the director of Speak Life, an organisation using modern media to bring the Christian message to a secular world. Glen’s videos have reached millions of people and often defend the Christian worldview against the atheist worldview.

Episode 6 | Season 2

Morality: Can atheism deliver a better world?


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