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Episode 4 | Season 2

Is God Dead? A conversation on faith, culture and the modern world

Dave Rubin & John Lennox

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The West has become an increasingly post-Christian world with the rise of the ‘nones’ and the influence of new atheism. 

So, where are the next generation turning to in the search for meaning and identity? Is God finally dead, as Nietzsche once declared? Or is there space for a renaissance of religious belief in the modern world?
Justin Brierley hosts a live dialogue between two leading cultural commentators - John Lennox and Dave Rubin.

John Lennox is Emeritus Professor of mathematics and philosophy of science at Oxford University. A leading Christian thinker, he has debated many of the world’s leading atheist voices. His latest book is ‘Can Science Explain Everything?’


Dave Rubin hosts The Rubin Report, a talk show that reaches millions of people every week. An agnostic Jew by background, he regularly hosts conversations with the leading cultural and religious thinkers of our day.


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