Graham Oppy & Guillaume Bignon post-show discussion about French atheist philosophers

Richard Dawkins & Francis Collins discuss Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS)

Iain McGilchrist & Sharon Dirckx: audience Q&A session

Ebook edition: Alex O’Connor & +Bishop Robert Barron: Atheism or Christianity?


Atheism Christianity

Alex O’Connor & Bishop Robert Barron debate the Trinity

Matt Dillahunty & Glen Scrivener discuss the trans controversy that divided The Atheist Experience

Ebook edition: Jordan Peterson & Susan Blackmore: Do We Need God to Make Sense of Life?


Do We Need God To Make Sense Of Life Peterson V Blackmore

Sir Roger Penrose on working with Stephen Hawking to find the Big Bang

Derren Brown & Rev Richard Coles on the funny side of death

Jordan Peterson & Susan Blackmore debate free will

John Lennox & Michael Ruse: audience Q&A session