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Belief in the dignity, value and equality of human beings has become a cornerstone of Western societies. But how did those values arise?  


Tom Holland’s book Dominion tells the story of how Christianity, and most specifically its central story of the crucified Son of God, came to positively shape the values of human dignity and equality the Western World, in ways that modern secularists often fail to realise. He debates with AC Grayling, an atheist and advocate of Humanism who is critical of the place of religion in society, believing Western values owe more to the Greeks and The Enlightenment than the Christian revolution.


Tom Holland is an award-winning historian, author and broadcaster. He is the author of several popular books on classical history such as Rubicon and In the Shadow of the Sword. His new book Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind traces the way Christianity has shaped the values of the West over 2000 years.


AC Grayling is Master of the New College of Humanities in London, and is a well-known philosopher, author and broadcaster himself. His most recent book The History of Philosophy traces the various schools of philosophy that have shaped modern culture.

Episode 5 | Season 2

History: Did Christianity give us our human values?

Tom Holland & AC Grayling


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