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What can Christian apologists learn from Jordan Peterson?

The Christian viewer might be left feeling a little perplexed, because unlike most other guests on this show, Peterson does not fit neatly into either the “Christian” nor “non-Christian” box. Susan Blackmore left us in do doubt as to her atheistic views, but what has Peterson offered, if anything, in defence of the Christian faith, that could be of use to us?

The answer turns out to be, surprisingly, quite a lot! With a little bit of digging and explaining, we can take away much from his exchange with Blackmore, to help us make the case for Christ in a unique, creative, and culturally engaging way!

And that’s what I’m here to help you do! In this course, consisting of lecture videos, clips from the episode, slides, and question assignments, I will be walking you through key moments in this debate and helping you to unearth the sometimes hidden gems that Peterson offers us, in making the case for why we really do need God to make sense of life.

Justin Brierley
Presenter, and Theology & Apologetics Editor
Premier Unbelievable?

Peterson And Blackmore Lo Res 2 Around Table
Jordan P Ebook Incentive Cover

Free ebook included!

This course includes a free ebook, featuring the complete transcript of the episode from The Big Conversation, along with bonus articles and essays.

Can be read within the course platform, or downloaded for reading elsewhere.

Course Modules

  • What does it mean to “believe” in God?
  • Memes, genes, and the case for God
  • Is western morality and prosperity based on God?
  • To whom are you grateful: the universe or God?
  • Does our search for meaning point to God?
  • Does literature and art point towards God?
  • Can we make sense of life without God?

Example Curriculum


  • Welcome!
  • Introduction to the course (1:10)
  • What to look out for in this course (2:56)
  • Reflect: Warmup Question

What does it mean to “believe” in God?

  • Get ready to watch clip #1 (0:50)
  • Clip #1 (5:47)
  • Review clip #1: different meanings of “belief” and “God” (3:15)
  • Review clip #1: what grounds virtue? (4:08)
  • Reflect: Question

Memes, genes, and the case for God

  • Get ready to watch clip #2 (0:47)
  • Clip #2 (7:45)
  • Review clip #2: Memes, genes, and the case for God (8:20)
  • Reflect: Question
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