The Big Conversation video series from Unbelievable? features world-class thinkers across the religious and non-religious community discussing faith, science and what it means to be human.

​Season 3 of the Big Conversation features more world class thinkers, including Bishop Robert Barron, Alex O’Connor, NT Wright, Douglas Murray, Paul Davies, Ros Picard, Nick Bostrom, Sabine Hossenfelder, Luke Barnes and more ... sign up below and be the first to watch.

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list

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Alister McGrath & Bret Weinstein.jpg

Alister McGrath & Bret Weinstein

Religion: Useful fiction or ultimate truth?

Sir Roger Penrose & William Lane Craig.j

Sir Roger Penrose & William Lane Craig

The Universe: Where did it come from and why are we part of it?

Peter J Williams & Bart Ehrman.jpg

Peter J Williams & Bart Ehrman

The story of Jesus: Can we trust the historical reliability of the Gospels?

Dave Rubin & John Lennox.jpg

Dave Rubin & John Lennox

Is God Dead? A conversation on faith, culture and the modern world

Tom Holland & AC Grayling.jpg

Tom Holland & AC Grayling

History: Did Christianity give us our human values?


Glen Scrivener & Matt Dillahunty

Morality: Can atheism deliver a better world?